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South Bend South Update and Bash!

By November 13, 2012No Comments

Sarah Sarah has been with us for about a year now. She came to us in a very difficult time and, at first, she struggled to trust anyone. Slowly, Sarah has opened up to students and staff. This week, she came to an after-school activity – something she hasn’t done once this quarter. Sarah has also spoken up in Family Time, and she has valid things to share. Though she has been quiet and reserved, we’re seeing her grow to trust us more each day. John This was John’s first week, and he has been a great addition to our campus. From the first day, John has been respectful, on task, and involved. He shares in Family Time, and he gives great input. John is also a diligent worker in the classroom. We are excited about seeing John grow and succeed in the weeks to come. We say it often, but we really do have great students. This week has been a slower one, so we’ve been able to look closely at the state of our students. We were even able to sit down with parents this week to discuss each student’s progress. These conferences allowed us to encourage and motivate students for the next leg of the race. We’re ready for another week, and we’re hopeful about where our students are headed. Byler Bash This past Saturday, twenty-two staff and students gathered together at the Byler home. The weather was perfect, students were excited, and the company was excellent. In between football games and hayrides, we enjoyed roasting s’mores around the fire. It was a great day to be with Crossing family, and we’re so thankful for the Bylers’ kindness. Football with staff and students

Students and staff on a hayride