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SB East and Transformation

By November 12, 2012No Comments

This week for Family Time, we focused on the idea of transformation in our students’ lives. The goal was to demonstrate to the students that they have already made great transformation in their lives and to be empowered by this fact. At the end of the week, we had them sum up one thing they struggled with in the past in three words on a piece of cardboard. On the other side they summed up what they thought about themselves now in three words. Dustin, a senior who has been with the Crossing for four years, wrote, “Stuck on Negatives” on one side of his cardboard. He explained that he used to feel there was nothing good going for him in his life. Now, he can see how many people care for him and all the good things he has in life. The other side of his cardboard said, “Blessed by Positives.” It was so exciting and humbling to hear all of the students’ Cardboard Stories! On Friday, the Crossing partnered with GEMS (Girls Empowered and Motivated for Success) to put on a Girl’s Retreat. South Bend East sent four girls to the retreat. There were two guest speakers that talked about abstinence and unhealthy relationships. It was a powerful afternoon with some difficult questions discussed. All of the girls who went really liked the conversations we had. The first thing Angelique said when we got in the car to leave was “When is the next one?”]]>