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Pie, Hair coloring, and the Indianapolis Zoo

By November 2, 2012No Comments

Midway through the first quarter the Clinton Campus began a Pie or Dye competition.  Every quiz that a student passed enabled them to choose a staff member that they would like to cast a vote for pieing him/her in the face or dying his/her hair.  The winners (or should we say, losers) for the competition can be seen in the pictures.  Blake Williams earned the most credits and had the privilege of pieing Mr. Wiltse, while Shawna Parsons and Bryanna Carter dyed Miss Mills’ hair.  Four weeks later, pink/purple streaks are still visible! [caption id="attachment_1652" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Pie in face Mr. Wiltse receiving a pie.[/caption] The Clinton Campus took their first trip to the Indianapolis Zoo on Thursday, October 25th.  Not only was the weather beautiful on this day, but many of the animals were in rare form.  The above picture shows students and staff petting sharks.  A red panda, brown bear, bats, lions, and rhinos were among the favorites.  One student commented that her favorite part of the trip was going with her classmates as a family.  Forty-five staff, students, and friends made the trip.  Our bright orange shirts were quite visible to all there and brought about many good side conversations. Petting sharks at the zoo]]>