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First Week for South Bend West!

By October 30, 2012No Comments

ClassroomThis is the first week starting a new Crossing campus located within the Kroc Community Center in South Bend.  Current enrollment here at South Bend West is 36 students.  There is a great blend of new and experienced students.  The “veteran” Crossing students that have transferred from other campuses to join SB West have been essential in creating a safe, unified and enthusiastic atmosphere for this first week.  The first two days of this second quarter were spend working on becoming a team and learning about each other. The regular schedule began on Wednesday with working on individual classes in Apex.  It is very exciting and humbling to have partnered with the incredible people at the Kroc Center.  They have been very helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic as the students have already interacted with many of their staff while utilizing their facilities.

Student Updates

Jazylnn – Earned a credit in Geometry and is getting close to graduating Jahmall and Bryan – Both showed great leadership this week during our team-building activities and Family Time Cullen – Very sick for most of the week.  Looking forward to seeing him back in school DeAndre – Very smart, but we are working on helping him to have confidence in himself


There is a need for volunteers to come and help with many different aspects during the day including tutoring, mentoring and leading Family Times.  Please visit and click on Volunteers if you are interested in partnering with us.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 30 – “The Basement” @ SB East Campus Wednesday, October 31 – “Trunk or Treat” @ SB East Campus]]>