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Fort Wayne Crossing

By October 15, 2012No Comments


Nine students and four staff from the Ft. Wayne Crossing camped out at Stillwater Retreat Center this past week for two days of service and team-building. One of the challenges we faced was early on a crisp, beautiful morning, led by Jim Stoppenhagen who runs the retreat center. Challenge Goal: To help everyone make it safely across the bridge Keys to crossing the separating logs without falling off: 1. Face each other 2. Lock hands 3. Maintain eye contact at all times 4. Keep arms and back straight 5. Trust each other completely We accomplished our goal and learned a few lessons about life along the way. Life goal: To help everyone make it safely through life’s challenges   Keys to making it through life together: 1. Face each other = Challenge each other. Encourage each other. 2. Lock hands = I’m here with you. I’m not leaving. 3. Maintain eye-contact = Stay focused. Don’t get distracted. 4. Keep arms and back straight = Have integrity. Don’t get weak or give up. 5. Trust each other = Trust is a two-way street. Commit. Go all in. Nate Lowe Region 3 Principal Crossing Educational Center]]>