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South Bend South Crossing

By October 8, 2012No Comments

Community Update

Enrollments are happening often, and we are expanding quickly! South Bend is booming with excitement these days. With the announcement of two more campuses opening by October, we have welcomed many new students. Still, between meeting new faces and counting down the days until break, our students continue to work diligently. Kionte came to us about two weeks ago, and he has quickly become a strong part of the Crossing family. He works hard in his English class and asks for help when necessary. Kionte is also a great participant in our Family Time discussions. This past week, he took some great initiative after Mr. Good challenged all of the students. Everyone was challenged to write a famous rapper, Lecrae, and ask him to come speak to the school. Kionte spoke up after that discussion and told the staff he wanted to make it happen. He is a leader in and out of the classroom, and we are very thankful for Kionte’s presence in our group. The past week allowed us to enlarge our campus size, finish a few more credits and even serve outside of school. About 12 students worked with Habitat for Humanity at the ReStore this week, and they came back with positive, encouraging reports. It has been a great past few days to see our students grow and excel, as well as welcome new individuals into the family. Jessica Lyons Staff South Bend South Crossing]]>