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South Bend North Crossing

By September 24, 2012No Comments

South Bend North News and Notes

What a week for the South Bend North campus! Our family has grown, thanks to four new students joining us. We are so happy to have Macy, Edgar, Jordan, and Cullen with us.         Macy is in 8th grade and was with the Crossing last year .

Edgar (left) and Jordan (right) join us with more experience as they look to graduate this year.

Cullen is 17 and looking to begin earning credits.

All four of these students seem to have a sweet, gentle spirit about them, and we are excited to get to know them and help them to feel welcome in our campus.

Students and staff from all the South Bend campuses got together Tuesday night for the latest installment of 2nd Tuesdays. The Staff vs. Student activity this month was kickball. We played one game where staff and students were together on teams, then proceeded with the tradition. The staff team was, once again, victorious. If memory serves me correctly, the staff is still undefeated! It was great to see a group of students who do not normally attend these events. Skyler was talking about how he was going to come and that the students were going to beat the staff so badly…then he asked what happens when the students win? Mr. H and Ms. Palladay both said, “I don’t know, it’s never happened!” Luckily, Skyler was able to laugh and enjoy the moment with us! Our students continue to work hard in the classroom as well. They continue to earn credits and have been pushing themselves harder in the classroom than we have seen since the South Bend North campus opened in February 2012. Those who made the transition to the new campus back in February are feeling settled and taking ownership of their South Bend North campus. We are so proud of them and excited to see what the future holds for these students! Erin Palladay Campus Leader South Bend North Crossing Educational Center]]>