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Enrollment for fifth Crossing Campus begins Tuesday

By September 12, 2012No Comments

Encourage, equip and engage, that’s the motto at one new South Bend School. The Crossing Educational Center opens its doors for enrollment beginning Tuesday. This is the fifth Crossing School in South Bend, and the campus will be at the Kroc Center on Western Avenue. The school is an alternative high school that focuses on students who have not been successful in traditional schools. The Crossings is partnering with South Bend Community Schools, allowing qualifying students to enroll tuition free. The school functions differently than other South Bend Community Schools, but those involved say it’s been successful. “So everything we do including the classroom with a one to six ratio, our work teams, our athletic teams, participating here it’s about engaging in kids, being a part of their life,” says Rob Staley the Executive Director of the Crossing Educational Center “And The Crossing takes on a holistic philosophy in education, it’s not just about academics, it’s literally about engaging in their lives.” Enrollment begins Tuesday at 11 a.m. and extends through Wednesday. The first day for students will be Monday October 22.]]>