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Fort Wayne Crossing

By September 5, 2012No Comments

“Morning Family Times in Fort Wayne”

As a new school year begins, there is the expected obstacle of connecting returning and new students, while encouraging them into a direction that will transform their lives. During our daily family time, students in the morning session are increasingly eager to talk about their lives and invest in one another’s. Currently, there are thirty-four students in our morning session. Around 9:30 each day the students start pulling extra chairs into the family time room, trying to make room for everyone in the circle. The energy is positive, generally, and conversations pick up quickly. As a staff, we have been seeking first to understand. In order to do this thoroughly, we challenge ourselves to ask questions only to guide conversation. Some students share readily and regularly. Many are attempting to answer the questions, or at least give their thoughts on the topic at hand. The students listen to one another. They disagree a lot, but typically there is respect and acceptance. In recent family time sessions, we’ve been able to begin a conversation and let the students’ momentum carry it the rest of the way. They are beginning to even speak truth into one another’s lives. As a staff, we are enjoying seeing how active God is in their hearts and minds. Recently, in talking about integrity, one student brought up the need to change the perception of their generation from being lazy, worthless, and selfish to a reputation of integrity. With concern, another student cited the recent increase in shootings affecting their neighborhoods as one aspect of society that they need to impact. A third student followed it up with a start at a solution by saying that “we just need to pray for Fort Wayne”. Students like these just might contribute to the change they hope for. Progressions like these are our aim in working with the students at the Crossing. Family times like these encourage us to press on towards the goal. Thank you for your support in prayer. We are seeing some amazing works of God in the hearts and lives of these students! Thank you Jon Agler Fort Wayne Crossing]]>