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Elkhart students vs. tornado devastation: 'It matters we do the best we can'

By March 7, 2012No Comments

Students from The Crossing didn’t know, but they knew they had to try. And so they did. Students and teachers from Elkhart traveled to Marysville, Ind. to help clean up debris and comfort residents who, though they had little material possessions left, were thankful to be alive. Marysville was leveled after a twister hit the tiny town last Friday. From cutting down trees to cleaning up debris, students from the Crossing in Elkhart jumped right in to help ease the pain for some tornado victims. When the students arrived in Marysville the destruction they saw was nearly indescribable. “It doesn’t matter who we are working for or who we’re trying to help, it just matters that we go and help out and do the best we can,” student Corree Crysler said. These students and teachers went there with a motto … to serve the suffering and honor God. Although it was under tough circumstance, teachers say life experiences like this one gave each student more confidence and drive to make a positive difference because they could see the results of their hard work. ]]>