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Elkhart Crossing students help tornado victims

By March 7, 2012No Comments

Some Elkhart students just got back from helping folks in southern Indiana on Monday night. Posted: 10:37 PM Mar 5, 2012 Email Address: Some Elkhart students just got back from helping folks in southern Indiana on Monday night. They went down to Marysville early Sunday morning to help remove debris and brush. The group from the Elkhart Crossing Education Center worked nonstop the past two days helping to chop up broken and uprooted trees. They say the small town of Marysville was almost completely wiped off the map. As they worked with the victims, they saw block after block of entire neighborhoods leveled and debris wrapped around poles. It was a moving experience for both the students and chaperones, who say they would have stayed longer if they could. Elkhart Crossing CEO Rob Staley says, “It was earth shattering. Especially for our kids, they’ve never seen anything like this. They kept talking about how they could never imagine the wind would be this powerful. 175 mph winds, and there metal strips that were just wrapped around phone poles.” Mickee Srisler, an Elkhart Crossing student, adds, “I feel more proactive to help other people afterwards. If this were to happen again, hopefully not, I wouldn’t mind going down there to help them.” Students say the town still is in a daze after the deadly storms. However, that didn’t stop them from treating all of the volunteers like kings, constantly bringing them water and food when the victims themselves had so little.]]>

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