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By December 20, 2010One Comment

GOSHEN — Christofer Pumfrey, 15, of Goshen, died Dec. 2, 2010, after he was struck by a train in Goshen. The Goshen Crossing Education Center is organizing the memorial service, which will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday at the Goshen Crossing Education Center, 1202 W. Pike St., Goshen. The community is invited. Rob Staley, executive director of the Crossing Educational Center, and Steve Reynolds, the Crossing’s character development coordinator, will speak at the service. The program will include an opportunity for students and friends to share memories of Christofer.]]>

One Comment

  • brian patrick says:

    The day I heard about this young mans death is a day that I will never forget..I never knew Christopher or any of his family, But I was so moved by this horrible accident that I was unable to let it go..Everyday was an effort for me just to try to move on from it. Months went by before I could even think about Christopher without having tears run down my face, Don’t even think about asking me why, because I could not begin to understand it myself..For some unknown reason my heart was broken and shattered by his untimely death. I can’t quite believe it’s only been about a year since then, but here we are,,Still in some grief and sorrow. My heart tells me that Christopher is with his loved ones in heaven and the angels, but my soul still feels the sorrow of this loss..I am getting better with being able to remember him and not have my face wet with tears. Please if there is a way for someone to talk with Cristophers Mother and family, let them know that they have friends out here who care very much for their well being and Christophers memory. They say these things get better with time, but then we realize this is also time missed with Christopher. I hope and pray that his Mother is doing better and that her family and friends will continue to watch over her in the coming few months. These coming days I know are going to be very difficult for her, and she should know that even out here somewhere, there are friends that she has never met that pray for her and care deeply for her and her family….God Bless all of you for what you have already done and for what you are about to do……

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