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Haiti Update Day 6

By October 7, 2009No Comments

100_3087We had a wonderful last day at the school today. We got up in time to leave at 6:45 am for the flag raising out at the school. About 200 children sang, prayed, and then sang the Haiti national anthem as their flag was raised above the school. It’s really exciting to see that they’re not only teaching them to be smart, but they are teaching them to love Jesus and also to work to make Haiti a better place. Construction teams worked to complete projects in the medical clinic. They finished trimming the three examination rooms and one of the rooms was set up with dental chairs and lights which had been stored in Pastor Pierre’s office. They will be used by the team that comes in a week to do dentistry and medical care. They also put shelves in the pharmacy and completed the lab that future teams will use. Pastor Pierre said that when the school was built there, the people were really excited, but that is nothing compared to what this medical clinic will mean to the people. 100_4038They’ve heard that “the Americans have put up a medical clinic to serve us” and that will be a huge help to the spreading of the Gospel. Many people showed up today just to see it. The medical/sponsorship teams had a bit of a rougher day. Started out with a boy who could hardly stand who the doctors diagnosed with acute appendicitis. We gave him some medication and prayed over him, and within an hour he was back up and around and left the community seemingly better. We don’t know if God healed him or if the medicine did the trick, but either way, we were grateful. We must have seen another 100 students and community people today, putting us up well over 300 patients for the 4 days. One baby has hydro-cephalitis, a condition that causes water the top of her head to swell up her head to over twice its normal size. They are trying to get her passage to the US for an operation or else she will die soon. Another little girl had broken her finger and it was infected/enlarged. Kristie worked with the medical team on her first medical procedure. She scrubbed in and was really amazed as the medical team did a brilliant job of cleaning out the infection only to discover that it was infected all the way into the bone. Dr. Randy appealed to the father to take her to the hospital for immediate surgery or else she would likely lose her hand or die. It became clear that the father had NO money to take her, so we quickly scraped up the $100 necessary for him to get her to the hospital. We found out that he did take her and are praying that she will recover. 100_4040It was a rough day trying to process the emotions of all that, but we all felt SOOOO blessed to be a part of these peoples’ lives. The sponsorship team completed the folders that we need to get all the children sponsored, and so that was a BIG win. Tired, we said goodbye to the children and to our translators and others we’ve become friends with at the school. We loaded back on the bus and our driver who had not been feeling well allowed Pastor Darin to drive the bus home. HE drove as the Haitians do, passing at times when you would not in the US, driving on the sidewalk, and making tight turns down dusty,unpaved roads that are VERY rough. He did a great job.]]>