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The Crossing Starts the School Year

By August 20, 2009No Comments

Wow! I thought the first year at the Crossing was great! We are off and running this fall with a truly unbelievably strong start! I remember last year Jen (our trainer) said that eventually daily life at the Crossing will “flow”. A rhythm will surface from the busyness and the STEEP learning curve we experienced as older citizens learning new technology but we had a hard time believing this innitially. Jen, as always, was right! This year we had all of our kids assigned to classes, perminant records updated and a “plan” in place before we ever saw the students. The first day came off withoiut a hitch and today (day two) our kids are on the computers and digging hard for their three credits in the first nine weeks. In Family Time today I simply presented a different approach to teacher student relationships, the Crossing approach, which makes for a friendly, respectful, caring and properly defined and guarded relationship. It was well received. A true relationship takes a long time to believe in when you have lived a life of deceptation and dissapointment but the love of Christ represented through our staff is truly irresistable. We anticipate that this year at the Crossing will knock the ball out of the park! We love what we do! This is so much more than a job. This is a ministry with immediate and long-term effect changing the entire direction of lives and families, and it is an effect for the betterment of individuals and the entire community of mankind! This is a royal appointment and a priveledge to be a part of. Thank you to all of you readers who support us in the many ways that you do. I absolutely assure you that your help is making an immesurable difference in the lives of untold numbers considering the ripple effect of this great work!]]>