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A Student Tells His Story

By May 13, 2009No Comments

Brandon Zolmen Narrative Essay They say that everything happens for a reason. Well, I guess they’re right. I lived in Leo, a medium size town on the edge of Fort Wayne. After getting in so much trouble, getting kicked out of school, and losing our house; my family moved to Butler and I knew if I wanted to do better I would need to change. I had attended Leo Jr/Sr. high school forever. I had plenty of friends but not very many teachers liked me. In fact, my old history teacher, who after 30 years of teaching finally kicked a kid out of class, which just so happens to be yours truly. I had a bad reputation; I got suspended eight times in just one year. I was into drugs, alcohol; all that “stuff”. I thought there really was no chance for me. Everybody was giving up. I figured I’d either be in prison or dead by 21. After we moved, I went to register for school. I remember sitting in the soft blue chair as my Dad sat next to me in the guidance counselor’s office. She told me that this was the beginning of my junior year and I had only 14 of the needed 40 credits to get my diploma. I knew something must be done. They got me enrolled at The Crossing and now I’m back on track with my credits. Now my act has changed. I went from having D’s and F’s now to having A’s and B’s. I no longer am getting kicked out of class and school everyday. My whole priorities have changed and I enjoy school now.]]>