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Crossing Kicks into Blog World

By January 19, 2009No Comments

We are often told that we need a venue to tell our stories. Every day at one of our 6 campuses, we have incredible stories of how lives are being transformed through education and our students regaining HOPE. Daily, we intentionally focus on the individual life issues that create obstacles for our students. If we remove the obstacles, their school performance is enhanced. Very simple process; love our students unconditionally, provide them individual assistance with their academics and point them toward God to find HOPE. A special thanks to Aaron Marshall who has volunteered many hours in setting up our Facebook group of Crossing Educational Center and created our blog. Remember Aaron in your prayers as he leaves for Africa for missions work in two weeks.]]>

The Following Schools are Closed or Delayed for Friday, February 25, 2022:
Berne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Fort Wayne Master Spas Campus – 2 Hour Delay
Marshall County Campus – 2 Hour Delay

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