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Our State-accredited private school creates the perfect program to support public schools through a sub-contracted relationship.

Our Student’s Character

  • 74% Involved in less criminal activity
  • 66% Use drugs/alcohol less
  • 51% Participate in sexual activity outside of marriage less
  • 61% Act on feelings of anger or sadness, in a way that hurts themselves or others, less

Our School Partners

We are contracted with 30 public school corporations at 21 Locations across the state!

  • 7 Satellites (co-located w/ business)
  • 2 Entrepreneurial Training Centers
  • 12 Traditional Campuses
  • 1 Jail Facility

Our Success Rates

  • 80% Graduates, from past 3 years, are contributing to the community (currently enrolled in higher-ed/military and/or working) 
  • 50% Satellite (schools co-located in a business) graduates hired full-time by satellite partner in the last 2 years
  • 250 Annual Graduates 3yr./Avg.

Our mission is to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through:

Academics accredited in the state of Indiana.

Job training in real-world environments.

Faith-based character education focused on core values.

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