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Resource Partnerships

 Our Resource Partners share experiences with our students in levels 1 and 2 to learn basic business foundations through a variety of different opportunities.  These opportunities provide our students with great insights and direction with a very low commitment level from our Resource Partners.

Resource Partner Opportunities

Guest Speaker

We always welcome opportunities  to have guest speakers visit our campuses to share their knowledge and experiences with our students.  Professionals from your business could provide short term student training in areas of interest (i.e. basic LEAN, basic OSHA, Serve Safe, Basic business planning and processes, etc.) in addition to sharing job overviews, skills necessary for their industry/profession and industry specific information.  These valuable insights not only educate, they also inspire!

Career Fairs/Facility Tours

Inviting students into your facility to participate in a job fair or facility tour can provide important exposure for students to see the operations of a successful business firsthand and the opportunities that could arise for them.  Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to attract potential employees while empowering students to interact and communicate with professionals in preparation for their future careers.

Job Shadow

Hosting a Crossing student at your facility to shadow an employee can be a meaningful encounter for both the business and the student.  These valuable experiences provide our students with insight into the possible careers they may be interested in or may open doors to new possibilities. Observing the necessary skills to succeed in a particular career can motivate and inspire students to work hard and achieve their goals.  These experiences can involve one day or multiple days.

School Based Enterprise Support

All of our locations have some type of student led enterprise that allows them to learn the necessary skills to run a successful business.  Resource partners can support these enterprises with guidance, short term training, product support and sales which impacts the students ability to lead a successful enterprise thus preparing them for their future success.