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“If it wasn’t for The Crossing, I’d be in jail. I hated education; I hated school. Without The Crossing, I wouldn’t have been able to bounce back. Now, I’m going to graduate.”


Because of donors like you, Zion gets to pursue his dreams for the future. Help us serve more students like him by donating today.

Become a

Dollar-A-Day Sponsor

For $1 a day ($365 per year), you can be a Dollar-A-Day sponsor.  As a Dollar-A-Day sponsor, you will make a lifelong impact on a Crossing student in your community by paying for a portion of his or her education.  You’ll receive letters from students and you can send notes of encouragement and inspiration.


State Tax Credit Donation

Your donation to the Scholarship Granting Organization provides funding for those students who can’t afford a quality education on their own. An SGO donation also allows you to get a 50% Indiana State Tax Credit.


General Donation

Thank you for partnering with us! Your donation provides the funding to further our mission of empowering struggling students through academics, job-training, and faith-based mentoring.