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Students were able to explore the idea of Creation in an environment other than school. As they watched short videos in a theater setting, experienced their seats shake and water splash at them (for effect), and saw a huge dome theater presentation about our universe, they heard a story of a Creator who knows everything about them and cares deeply for them. Students watch movies at the creation museum As students walked through the museum, they filled in answers on an assignment sheet to help them remember the details.  Brandy Saylor, a Ligonier Crossing student, said, “I learned that dinosaurs were around in biblical times, but most likely died out after the flood. It was great to hear facts about that.”  Students also came away with a desire to learn more, asking questions such as, “If there are an infinity amount of stars and planets, why are we the only ones who exist?” and “Why did God really want to create us since He knows we sin terribly?” Students take notes at the creation museum The five hour drive down to the Creation Museum and back was a great opportunity for students to get to know other students, teachers, and volunteers better outside of the classroom.  Students and staff even played ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?’ on the way down as a way of having fun, learning more, and bonding with each other in a non-threatening environment.  At the end of the trip, one student said, “I would recommend this trip to anyone willing to learn more about where they came from and why we are here.” Ticket and brochure from Creation Museum]]>