Our God – A Poem by an Anderson Sophomore

Our God – A Poem by an Anderson Sophomore


“Thou how I dwell in sorrow yet yee who fights with a smile lies to yaa self for yee is hiding the pain scared of fear so i cry out upon our heavenly father for he will guide the young the old the weak n the brave for I shall never question him for he is mighty in powerful so I say unto you Lord yee have all faith within you thou not i turneth away he who died for me so unto thy Lord I confess my sins to you for you will forgive me for I am you in another life for I am your child you as i am lives within me yee who denies him or have lil faith will be damned to hell for I lift your glorious name in speak upon you ma King in the time of need so may I have eternal life for yee if i not betray you for i bow at your feet for you are loyal too those who are not for you i am you are a leader beyond many” [sic]

By Brooklyn P. (Sophomore, Anderson)