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Real Change from Real relationships

Relationships fuel the Crossing. We recognize that meaningful relationships between our students, staff, and volunteers create opportunities for transformation in our students’ lives.


Fulfilling our mission requires the contribution of diverse skills and talents from our friends in the community. There are many opportunities to serve at the Crossing and impact our students’ lives.


Preparing snacks and food for meals during the day to help the students stay well fed and focused.


Tutor struggling students during or after school.


Assist with cleaning and maintaining campus buildings.


Transport students to or from school or school events.

Become a Volunteer


Our students often feel disconnected from others or lack positive examples of how to live their lives.
They crave positive, stable mentors to listen to them without judgement, love them unconditionally, and help them rise to the challenges they face.
We need your help building confidence, connection, character and faith in our students.
You can act as either a Life Mentor a Spiritual Mentor or both. .

Life Mentor


A life mentor meets regularly with a student to discuss life, and acts as a positive role model for the student. As a life mentor, you can spend time with your student by involving the student in both formal outings and your routine daily life.


  • Initial meeting with staff
  • Inviting student to join in your routine, daily activities
  • Help with school work if needed
  • Sharing meals with the student

Spiritual Mentor


A spiritual mentor works with students who have decided to give their life to Christ by demonstrating a Christian lifestyle. As a Spiritual Mentor you will:


  • Invite student to join you in your routine, daily activities
  • Pray with the student and encourage him or her to spend time in prayer
  • Invite student to join you in worship
  • Spend time reading and processing Scripture with student
  • Encourage the student to spend quiet time with the Lord

Become a Mentor

Local Business Advisory Board Member

The advisory board provides foresight, oversight and insight to the Crossing Regional Director and local campus staff to improve and uphold the Job Training Program, student recruitment initiatives and yearly fundraising goals by utilizing personal and professional networks while upholding all aspects of the Crossing Mission.


FORESIGHT – to have vision and concern for the future of the Crossing location(s) by creating strategy and resources aligned to corporation and local strategic plans.


OVERSIGHT – Ensure financial, development, operational, and missional compliance and sustainability.

INSIGHT – leverage professional backgrounds, community networks, and skill-sets to provide connections and perspectives to the Crossing and its associates.

Join a Local Business Advisory Board


We need employees who are called to serve struggling students and dedicated to our mission. If you’re interested in answering the call to help transform students’ lives, read more by clicking the link below.