About Us

Our Vision

Transforming lives through education by focusing on the heart and mind

The Crossing provides a state accredited academic education by maintaining a balance of certified teachers and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. We meet students where they are, build relationships with them, and equip them for the future through Job Training and Faith-Based Character Education.

our mission:

Empowering struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training and faith-based character education.

When a student attends the Crossing, he or she is more than just another line in the enrollment logs. The Crossing is a FAMILY, and from the moment our students step through our doors for the first time, we treat them as members of our FAMILY, caring about their development in every area of their lives.


Why the Crossing?


The average dropout makes $260,000 less than a high school graduate and makes $1,000,000 less in their lifetime than a college graduate

75% of crime is committed by

high school dropouts

of all High School Students dropout of school every year in the United States. That’s one student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day.

Students that drop out often make destructive choices.
Their lives spiral out of control, making it harder to turn things around without help.

WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS FOR DROPOUTS? Low skill, low paying jobs that can’t provide for basic needs. A dependency on others in all manner of unhealthy ways. A greater likelihood of turning to crime. Not all dropouts are criminals, but most criminals are dropouts.

% of High School Dropouts more likely to be unemployed0%
% of those incarcerated nationwide who never finished high school0%
*The statistics in this section have been gathered from the National High School Center’s website.


*In the last 4 years…


diplomas have been awarded


hours of community service given to local communities


certified in a Job Training Program

Our mission is to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through:

ACADEMICS accredited in the state of Indiana

Job training in real world environments

Faith-based character education focused on core values

When students come to the Crossing,

they STAY at the Crossing

Retention Rate0%
Attendance Rate0%
Students reporting positive relationships with Crossing teachers0%